Media Studies (Digital Media)

Entry requirements

4 in GCSE English Language (and Level 2 or 3 general entry requirements)

What will I study

Digital Media (Media Studies) is offered as a one year Level 2 course as well as a 2 year Level 3 course. Which pathway you will follow will depend on your grades. 

In this vocational course you will learn to be critical of the media products in the world around us, you will understand how advertising, TV, radio and cinema create meaning. You will explore the wide range of media industries, their ownership structures and the implications of large corporations owning many media outlets and products.

The course also looks at the production processes of the media. You will learn the key conventions of media products and how they communicate to an audience. You will look into ways you can create your own products to attract a particular audience and use technology to produce and distribute them across a range of platforms.

We cover print media, sound and radio and also video production. You will explore the processes that take place from the inception of ideas right through to their creation and consumption by an audience.

Research methods are explored and you get to develop your own ideas for media products and pitch them to a client.

We work closely with local media companies and have great connections with film and video producers, radio stations, print media companies and many more.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed on the following units:

Level 3

Media Products and Audiences Pre-Production and Planning.

The remaining four units will include elements of media product research and media production.

Some of the units we cover include:

Create a Media Product

The Creation and Use of Sound in Media Plan and Pitch a Media Product

Create a Personal Media Profile.

The course is graded with a Pass, Merit and Distinction grading system.

Level 2 course 

Digital Media and Technology

Concept design and pre-production

Digital Media Industry

Is this subject for me?

You will be good at interpreting and evaluating written and visual texts. You will have an interest in film, TV, radio and magazines but want to find out more about how they work. You will be interested in a wide range of media products, particularly those that are outside the mainstream.

You will love making your own media products and have probably already dabbled with video production.

You will be committed to working on big projects, many of which require teamwork and collaboration. These can often be time consuming, so you can expect to spend extra hours creating your products.

Where can this lead me?

Media Studies can lead you to further education at university in fields as diverse as sociology, English, journalism and, of course, media and film. The UK, and Brighton in particular, has a large and vibrant media industry and you could find yourself working on anything from special effects, script writing, to multimedia production or even finance.

What else is there?

We have links with local film production companies as well as universities. There will be opportunities to work with academics, professionals and undergraduates in the media. We have great links for work experience to give you a the opportunity to see the use of media in a real working environment.

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