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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs

At The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) department is committed to applying the principles of inclusion as stated by the SEND Code of Practice 2015.

SRWA is committed to providing a highly inclusive learning environment. SRWA has extremely high expectations for all pupils including those with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or Additional Needs.

SRWA aims to be inclusive by:

• Collaboratively creating a positive and supportive learning environment for all pupils.

• Building an ongoing holistic understanding of pupils and their needs following the ‘assess, plan, do, review’ approach. 

• Ensuring all pupils have access to high quality teaching following a planned, broad and balanced curriculum. 

• Complimenting high quality teaching with carefully selected small group and one to one interventions.

• Effectively deploying support staff. 

SRWA Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or Additional Needs aims are:

• To ensure that all students have access to a broad and balanced curriculum.

• To ensure all staff have high expectations of the progress of SEND students, in line with our Academy’s ASPIRE mission.

• To ensure the identification of all students requiring SEND provision as early as possible in their school career.

• To ensure that SEND students take as full a part as possible in all school activities.

• To ensure that parents of SEND students are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and attainment.

• To ensure that SEND students are involved, where practicable, in decisions affecting their future SEND provision.

Every teacher is responsible for the development of every student in their class. Students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or Additional Needs may require a Pupil Passport which allows strategies to support the student to be shared amongst all staff.  Students with an EHCP will have an Annual Review whereby the targets set in the EHCP will be discussed, reviewed and planned for. Students with High Needs may require a Learning Plan, developed by the SENCO or Inclusion Manager, which will set targets which will be reviewed with the parents/carers and the students themselves in a Termly Review Meetings. 

If you have any questions regarding Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or Additional Needs please get in touch with a member of the SEND team.

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Mr R Langstone

Inclusion Manager: Mr S Stott

SEND administrator: Ms A Okines

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