Art (Fine Art)

Entry requirements

English 4 and at least a 4 or above in one of the following subjects;

  • Art and Design
  • 3D design
  • Graphic Design
  • Textile Design

Students who have not taken a creative subject at KS4 will still be considered by attending an interview and presenting a portfolio of artwork.

What will I study

  • Drawing techniques 
  • Painting techniques
  • 3D and sculptural techniques using a range of materials.
  • How to identify successful art work
  • How to refine your ideas and develop a personal style of work
  • The work of various artists and designers and develop your own work in response
  • How to analyse your work and the work of others
  • How to present a personal response to a given theme

How will I be assessed?

Coursework is worth 60% of your overall grade and an externally set assignment is worth 40%. Your work will be formally assessed every 4 - 6 weeks using the AQA marking grid. You will have regular verbal and written feedback in the form of tutorials in lessons and opportunities to self and peer assess your work.

Is this subject for me?

An A-level Art student needs to be ambitious, creative, motivated and a risk taker. You need to have a passion for the arts in all forms and be focused and open minded about your studies. You should have underlying drawing and recording skills and be prepared to push yourself to try new techniques. Artwork takes a long time to produce so you need to have excellent time management skills and commitment to your craft. The majority of the course is self-directed study so you also need to be an independent worker.

Where can this lead me?

A natural progression from A Level would be to take a 1 year foundation art course which introduces you to a range of specialisms, helping you to make informed choices of which art and design degree would best suit. An Art and Design qualification is useful in applying to any college or university.

Brighton MET (incorporating Northbrook) run a number of Art and Design courses that you can explore after sixth form. These cover several different specialist areas including two foundation courses.

Entry to these courses is usually by interview and portfolio submission. An A-level art and design course will enable you to produce a portfolio to take to interview and give you an excellent grounding in art and design knowledge, skills and techniques.

Courses that students move on to: 

  • Exhibition designer
  • Fine artist
  • Architect
  • Graphic designer
  • Interior designer
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Ceramicist
  • Digital artist
  • Product designer

What else is there?

We offer a range of experiences to enhance your experience on the A-level course. We have run workshops with local artists and trips up to London. There are also opportunities to visit further educational colleges to see what life is like on an art foundation course.

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