Remote Learning Information

Remote Learning Information

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Online Lessons Guidance PDF. 

Remote Learning During Self-Isolation PDF .

The document below contains guidance and support for parents and students to access Remote Learning. For more details about our "Remote Education Provision at The Sir Robert Woodard Academy: Information for Parents" please follow this link.




Accessing Resources During Self-Isolation

These instructions are only for circumstances where a student is required to isolate at home while other students are in the Academy. For guidance on accessing Live Lessons, see the guidance above.

Remote Learning Expectations

It is our aim that, wherever possible, each scheduled lesson will include live video  interaction with the teacher. In some cases it might mean the teacher is online on Google Classroom during that period to support students with their work.

If your child’s teachers are concerned that they are struggling to access the work, they will be in touch directly with you or via our support staff team.

Live Lesson Routines

  1. Google
    1. We are a Google School and therefore 

  2. Finding your child's lessons

Google Classroom


IT Help

If parents or students require IT assistance in any of this, please email




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