Remote Learning Information

Remote Learning Information

Remote Learning is the term we use for any work, outside of usual 'homework' set by teachers, which is completed by students when they are unable to be in school for a particular reason. 

As school attendance expectations have now returned to more normal arrangements, we expect all students in school, accessing their curriculum in the normal way. For more information on attendance, please see our attendance page. Please contact the Academy on 01903 767434 if you have any concerns or wish to discuss your child’s attendance.

Occasionally, students may be unable to attend school for short periods due to particular circumstances but may be fit/well enough to complete some learning online. Please note that completing some work whilst at home means the child is still considered 'absent'. However, anything students can do to keep up with aspects of their learning (if well enough) is of course to be encouraged, as it will help them not to fall behind and to feel more confident on their return to school.

In such circumstances, students can access 'self-service' resources via their Google Classroom classes (Canvas for W6 students). This offer is not intended to replicate or replace the normal classroom learning experience in school. It is designed to support students in specific circumstances of absence, as well as to provide all students with revision materials and the opportunity to independently extend their in-school learning, which we strongly encourage.

The materials provided in different subject areas will vary due to the nature of different curriculum areas and the suitability of online resources. Students will therefore be required to use their independent learning skills to find, access and engage with relevant material. 

Examples of the types of resources provided on Google Classroom include:

  • Uploads of lesson presentations and resources which students can work through and complete
  • Content/unit summaries or knowledge organisers that students can study, take notes on and revise from
  • Links to relevant content on online platforms, for example, Seneca or Oak Academy, where students can work through content, activities and quizzes 

Each Google Classroom class also has a 'Remote Learning Submission' area, where students can upload any remote work completed (in any suitable format) to their teacher.


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