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Enrichment and Support

Enrichment and Support


Every week you will have enrichment sessions to prepare you for life after sixth form, including careers, life skills, personal well-being and much more.

There will also be a range of interesting wider sessions to get students thinking critically about the world around them, including healthy relationships, financial planning and even the role that Disney plays in shaping young minds.

We also offer a very strong EPQ programme of study, which counts as half an A Level and is a great opportunity to earn extra UCAS points as well as apply your academic focus to something you find interesting in life. Some great ones have been STEM based, including manipulating DNA and 3D printing the final result, and projects that involve a trip to CERN.

We also provide unique opportunities to work with the younger students in the academy, which is good for developing your soft skills as well as making a genuine difference to a community.


As a W6 student, you will receive high-quality teaching to ensure you reach your potential. You will have a dedicated sixth form tutor with whom you will meet regularly on a one-to-one basis. Our W6 pastoral team also includes our careers team and sixth form leaders.

We have a sophisticated bursary programme to support qualifying students to purchase what they need to succeed in their education. This has been very successful in removing certain barriers for many students, including helping fund curriculum visits and buy essential course books.

As a compact sixth form, we will get to know you and work to support you through any issues you may face and you'll find that teachers who have known you for years will go that extra mile to create bespoke opportunities for your future. External students are quickly made to feel welcome and given the same level of support as those who have progressed through SRWA.

Students who have previously received support or exam concessions for a special educational need will be re-assessed to see whether they qualify to receive support in W6. Most students continue to receive support in some form.

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