Work Experience - Year 12

As part of our commitment to supporting students in their journey towards a successful career, we run a programme of work experience for all students in year 12.

This year's dates are 1st - 5th June 2020.

New guidelines stipulate that all students in sixth form must have experience of the world of work. We offer a week placement, with many local businesses offering students opportunities.

There are some restrictions set out by the government regarding what a student can and can't do and they are:

  • Placements should link to the programme of study (there should be a clear link to the subjects they are studying)
  • Part time jobs don't count.
  • A minimum of five days, full time.

We give students access to a large database with almost 4000 different work experience placements across Sussex and further afield in the south east.

Full details of the database and the login details can be found in the Enrichment Module in Canvas. There is also a work experience log on Canvas, which requires students to record their experiences.

We would also encourage students to use the new work experience app, WorkFinder. It is available on Android and iOS.

As thousands of students across the county are competing for placements, we encourage students to apply early and lock in their work experience as early as possible.

We have an excellent network of business contacts, and we can always put students in contact with people we know. Students are also welcome to find placements with family contacts if they wish.

You can view the presentation about work experience from our induction evening below. 

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