Mathematics & Further Mathematics

Entry requirements

6 in GCSE Maths and

4 in GCSE English Literature or

4 in GCSE English Language

Further Maths

7 in GCSE Maths and

4 in GCSE English Literature or

4 in GCSE English Language

What will I study

You will study the Edexcel A-level over two years. The course covers a core of pure mathematics (i.e. algebra, trigonometry, proof, calculus) plus applied modules in statistics (i.e. probability and analysis of data) and mechanics (i.e. modelling structures and motion to determine how and why things move).

In addition to the above, the Further Mathematics course will cover two more pure mathematics modules and a further two modules from pure, statistics, mechanics or decision mathematics. These will be chosen to match the strengths and interests of the students.

You will be provided with online access to all the textbooks for the course. These eBooks also include many additional resources to assist student learning with self testing quizzes and exercises.

Furthermore, you will have access to Integral Maths which provides online assessment and support, similar to Hegarty Maths but with a wider range of types of resource, to suit all learning styles.

How will I be assessed?

The course will conclude with Edexcel A-level exams at the end of your Year 13.

A Level Maths is assessed by 3 x 2 hour papers

Further Maths is assessed by 4 x 1.5 hour papers

The course will be taught in units over the year. At the end of each unit there will be formal assessments to complete and submit to track your progress. These will not count towards your final grade, but will give you a good idea about what grade you are likely to achieve.

Is this subject for me?

If you like solving problems, thinking logically and systematically, A-level maths is the course for you. Maths is a subject that will be challenging, however it will also be rewarding. Plus it will help you with a range of other subjects including science subjects, business and design.

You will be taught by specialist A-level teachers providing you with nine lessons of class teaching over a fortnight. As a separate A Level, further mathematicians will receive an additional nine lessons of class teaching over a fortnight.

There will also be lunchtime or after school support sessions, where you can bring any problems you want to work through.

Where can this lead me?

Students with A-levels in mathematics go on to study mathematics, sciences, computer science, engineering, medicine, economics and business studies at degree and masters level. They are highly sought after in employment and follow some of the most interesting and rewarding careers available.

The recent development in society, from mobile phones to medical treatments and diagnosis have been created by students with mathematics and science A-levels.

What else is there?

Students on the course have the opportunity to be involved in the Goldcrest scholarships which run with Ricardo, a world-leading engineering firm. Students take part in a hands-on project dealing with a real business and engineering development for Ricardo.

In a recent project, this involved looking at how oil moves with the gallery of a piston in a Ricardo engine.

We also run a weekly STEP maths course, for pupils who seek more challenge. This course is also recommended for students who are looking to study the following subjects at University; Maths, Engineering, Natural Sciences or Computing.

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