Sixth Form Attendance

Attendance is hugely important. It sets good routines, demonstrates to employers and universities that you are serious about your studies and that you are organised and reliable.

Attendance at sixth form is measured slightly different to rest of the school.

Tutor Time

For the start of the year, until usually the October half term, students are expected to attend tutor time every morning at 8.50am.

We will then inform students when daily tutor time ends and then we move to one-to-one tutor meetings. This is a chance for students to meet with their tutors, talk about their progress, targets, careers, university and any other important topics.

Tutors will inform students of their appointment slots. It is incredibly important that students do not miss their appointment as it has a knock on impact on meeting with others.

Lesson Attendance

Students will be marked present for their lessons, and you can view any of this information in Arbor. It is expected that students will have 95% attendance to all lessons, including enrichment and tutor time.

Where a student is expected in a lesson, but is absent they will be marked with an "N" and this will result in a lower attendance percentage. A text message will also go home to parents to inform you of the missed lesson.


Where a student knows of an absence, they must collect an absence request form from Mrs Morley or their tutor, get it signed off and the absence will be pre-registered.

For illness absences, we ask that parents call in in the same manner as usual. This will ensure that our attendance officer can correctly record the absence as illness.

Attendance Monitoring

Where a student falls below expected attendance, their attendance will be monitored to ensure it returns to a good level.

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