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The Sir Robert Woodard Academy has an efficiently run, well equipped modern kitchen that has all of the latest high tech equipment for preparation of healthy and nutritious meals on site. We are an in-house catering service that has worked hard to incorporate the government's School Food Standards.

We offer a breakfast service from 8:15am where early birds can gather to charge their batteries for the Academy day or just to meet for a chat and a cup of tea.

The Dining Hall provides a wide range of snacks for morning break including fresh baguettes and wraps, hot snacks and healthy drinks at excellent value for money.

The lunchtime main meals change daily on a three week menu cycle. Meals are homemade using the freshest ingredients including produce from our very own allotment when available and students can purchase a hot meal with fresh vegetables or salad for £2.75 and with a pudding for £3.00. The daily main meal menu is subject to change due to stock availability. Please check with the catering staff.

We also cater for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten Free diets. Halal products are clearly labelled and all chicken main meals are Halal.

Our canteen protects the environment by using biodegradable, disposable containers and cutlery and much of our food waste is saved and re-used as compost in the school allotment.

Nut Advice

We do not use nuts in our food production. However, products are brought in from factories where they may contain traces of nuts. This information is available on food labels and/or from the canteen. Please speak to the staff if you are unsure. We do our best to avoid any cross contamination with best practice but we cannot declare the kitchen as nut free. We do sell Nakd fruit bars that contain nuts but these are individually packaged and labelled as such.

Allergen Advice

Students are encouraged to ask the catering staff if they are unsure of any ingredients. There is a small risk that traces of seeds and allergens contained in our products may be found in food served. We understand the risks to those with severe allergies and every effort is made to avoid contamination.

Main lunch menus

Summer Menu 1Summer Menu 2Summer Menu 3

Other menus

Breakfast MenuBreaktime MenuDrinks MenuSalad Bar Menu

Halal Menu

Gluten Free Info


Please contact Mrs Cheryl Bailey to discuss any special dietary requirements.

Cheryl Bailey
Catering Manager



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