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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Overview

Curriculum offer

At the Sir Robert Woodard Academy we are focused on providing a rich and rewarding curriculum experience that aligns with our ethos of developing the whole child to be a mature and well-rounded member of our community. 

We understand Curriculum to be what the students experience every day in our Academy, both in lessons and in the many extra activities and experiences they can experience outside of the classroom.

We know that all of our students are inherently talented, and so we offer a wide range of subjects to ensure that every child has the chance to shine. We value the natural creativity that all children possess, and are particularly proud of our national reputation for delivering excellence in the area of Performing Arts, and our groundbreaking scientific research links with national institutions and top universities, as well as our reknowned basketball academy and top-performing sports teams. 

We pay particular attention to developing the essential core skills of reading and numeracy, giving every student the best possible opportunity to gain full access to the curriculum. We regularly revisit our offer to ensure it is balanced, rigorous, appropriate and relevant.

Our curriculum is robustly-planned and wide-ranging; it  provides opportunities for academic success, as well as personal growth; challenging, motivating and engaging our students, and ensuring opportunities for success in securing a wide range of qualifications throughout their time in the Academy. Students follow accredited academic or vocational qualifications, with progression routes either directly into work or to university, as appropriate.

We know that the most successful students are those who are engaged and inspired by what they learn. Our staff are committed to high quality teaching that engages and motivates students of all ages and abilities and provides them with the skills and confidence to tackle the rapidly changing world.

Our KS4 curriculum begins in Year 10, students in Year 9 will choose options from a broad range of subjects that they continue to study. Throughout Years 7-9, we use nationally-benchmarked tests to carefully monitor and assess all students to make sure that their individual curriculum is the right one for them, and we introduce a number of specialist vocational options from Year 10 to support this. Our options are structured so that most of our students will be entered for the English Baccalaureate. 

We feel that this provision provides a balance between giving students additional time to develop the skills needed for the demands of rigorous GCSE courses, and allowing all students to succeed in a broad range of subjects. We commit to assessing students only when there is a clear purpose in doing so, that will enhance their learning, and plan all assessments with this aim in mind.

At the bottom of this page you can find the details of the in-class curriculum offer at all years from 7 through to 11.

For our sixth form subjects, you can visit our sixth form pages on our site


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