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Uniform and Equipment

Uniform and Equipment

Final SRWA Uniform Policy

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In consultation with parents and students, an Academy uniform has been developed that is inexpensive, easy to care for, smart and functional. The wearing of this uniform is compulsory as it is an important element in self-presentation, self-discipline and pride in the Academy.

The academy items that are branded, either compulsory or optional, are available from First4Uniform in Lancing High Street, and via their website here

It is also possible to purchase an academy logo badge from First4Uniform, if you wish to sew this onto a plain black blazer that you have purchased elsewhere. 

Other than the PE t-shirt, all other compulsory items can be purchased from an online or high street retailer of your choice, taking note of specific requirements such as skirt length etc. 

Second-hand uniforms are also available via the Lancing and Sompting Pre-Loved Uniform CIC, which currently operates from the retail shop, Fabric, in Lancing High Street every other Friday between 10.30am - 12.30pm. Additionally, the PTA will arrange a second-hand uniform sale to be held at the Academy on one Saturday morning per term. These dates will be circulated termly via the Parental Bulletin.

There is also a Facebook Group for preloved SRWA uniform, please click here to join.

Academy uniform

School Uniform - Compulsory and Branded

  • Academy Blazer - a plain black blazer which can be purchased pre-embroidered from

First4Uniform in Lancing High Street. Alternatively, a plain black blazer may be purchased from a number of online or high street retailers, and the academy logo badge may be purchased from First4Uniform, and must be sewn onto the blazer. The academy blazer is the most distinctive item of our school uniform, and as such it must display the Academy logo, either pre-embroidered or sewn on.

  • Academy tie - available in 5 colours to distinguish the Chapter that the student belongs to.

School Uniform - Compulsory but not Branded

  • Black trousers or black pleated knee-length skirt, or black tailored, knee-length school shorts

  • White shirt, long or short sleeved

  • Black, low-heeled, leather or leather effect school shoes. No boots, trainers or canvas

  • shoes.

  • Tights, or black or white socks

School Uniform - Optional

  • Plain black, non-branded, v-neck jumper without zips, pockets, hood, writing, or logos

  • Academy jumper (branded) in grey and blue

PE Uniform - Compulsory and Branded

  • PE T-Shirt - a breathable crew neck t-shirt with white piping, which can be purchased from First4Uniform in Lancing High Street in a loose fit, or tailored racer-back fit.

PE Uniform - Compulsory but not Branded

  • Plain black shorts / leggings / tracksuit trousers, non-branded with no logos

  • Football boots suitable for a 3G pitch/astroturf (no flat soles, or metal spikes)

  • Mouth guards (for contact rugby)

PE Uniform - Optional

  • Academy PE training top (branded) - please note that no other jumper may be worn for PE

  • Academy PE training trousers (branded)

  • Academy PE sports leggings (branded)

  • Academy PE training shorts

  • Academy PE leggings

  • Academy Performing Arts T-Shirt (performing arts students only)

  • Coolmax purple trim sports socks

  • Academy Sports Bag

  • Shin pads (advised for football and rugby)

Dance Kit - Optional

  • Black SRWA Performing Arts T-Shirt, or PE T-Shirt

  • Black shorts, performance training shorts, performance training pants or performance leggings

Bags and coats

  • A strong waterproof bag, which is large enough to contain all of the compulsory equipment

  • A coat for inclement weather, which must fit over the blazer, and only be worn outside. Noother items (e.g. hooded sweatshirts) are permitted as replacements for a coat, blazer or school jumper.

Hair colour, piercings, jewellery and make-up

  • Hair should be of a natural colour

  • No extreme hairstyles or hair accessories

  • No facial piercings, other than one set of small stud earrings which can be worn on the earlobe. Any other piercings will be asked to be removed immediately, irrespective of whether this will mean that the piercing will close.

  • No visible body piercings

  • No ear stretchers

  • Make up should be kept to a minimum and be natural looking

  • No false eyelashes or false nails

  • No nail varnish


The following equipment is compulsory and should be carried every day:

  • Pencil Case

  • Black pen (x 2)

  • Pencil (x 2)

  • Green pen

  • Whiteboard pen

  • Pencil sharpener

  • 30cm ruler

  • Rubber

  • Pair of compasses

  • Protractor

  • Scientific calculator (Casio FX-83GTX recommended)

  • Colored pencils

  • Glue stick

  • Scissors

In addition students will need to make sure that they always have all the books they need for that day, as well as specific equipment such as PE/Dance kit or cooking ingredients, so packing their school bag the night before is a really good routine to be in.


Sixth form dress code

We don’t have a uniform in sixth form and we try to be as flexible as we can.

The dress code is “look smart, sensible choices” so you need to think about what you choose to wear and whether it would be suitable in the professional workplace. It gives you great training for the future, whether that is for work now or for later in life.



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