Exam Results

Key Stage 4 results

We are very proud of our students working hard in an exceptional year, continuing our recent years' rise in attainment.

This year, more students than ever took subjects that make up the academic English Baccalaureate (Ebacc) - up from 29% to 79%.

Among our most successful students were the following, who all achieved a grade 7-9 or equivalent in every subject: Joe Woods, Dylan Sadler, Lewis McCabe-Gay, Ella Kwong, Andreea Bejan, Daniel Morley, Rosanna Griffiths, Joe Stewart and Elizabeth Ayling.

Key stage 4 Results 2019 Results 2020
Attainment 8 Score 41.84 45.71
Progress 8 Score -0.4 +0.07
Percentage of pupils entered for English Baccalaureate 29.20% 79%
Percentage of pupils achieving strong pass in English Baccalaureate 9% 18.18%
Strong Pass (9-5), English 54% 56.82%
Standard Pass (9-4), English    68% 77.84%
Strong Pass (9-5), Maths 37% 51.14%
Standard Pass (9-4),Maths    69% 67.05%


KS4 Destinations

Post 16 Education Type 2019


Year A Level A*-B A Level A*-E
2019 25% 88%
2020 43% 98%

English and maths progress measure (GCSE re-sits 2019)

Average progress made in English 0.90
Average progress made in maths 0.70


KS5 Progress Figures

Qualification Type Progress
Academic Qualifications +0.28
A-levels +0.28
Applied General Qualifications -0.47
Tech Levels N/A


KS5 Attainment Figures

Qualification Type Average Grade
Academic Qualifications B-
A-levels B-
Applied General Qualifications Merit
Tech Levels N/A


KS5 Destinations (2017/18)*

Destinations after 16 to 18 School / college Local authority England
All students 
Number of students 51 7610 534328
Students staying in education  33% 41% 47%
Students entering apprenticeships  12% 8% 10%
Students entering employment 39% 33% 25%

Students not in education or employment for at least two terms after study

16% 12%


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*NB: Additional data will be supplied once we have received the DFE reports at the end of March.

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