3D Design

Entry requirements

It is essential that you have some proven ability in an appropriate field, which would usually be a minimum of a Merit in the Level 2 3D Design course or at least a grade 4 in GCSE Art.  However, if you demonstrate enough of an aptitude for designing and making through a similar subject at school, or through personal interests, you would be welcome.

What will I study

The course has Resistant Materials at its core, aiming to encourage designing through experimentation and innovation.

The course will be focused on the design process and problem solving, from researching, through drawing, modelling and presenting your designs to producing high quality final products.

Level 3 is a natural progression from the Level 2 course we deliver, it is assignment based and you will be working through a series of projects in order to gain the necessary skills to design and manufacture in a variety of materials.

Units studied are:

1. Visual Recording and Communication

2. Critical and Contextual Studies in Art and Design

3. The Creative Process

4. 3D Design Materials, Techniques and Processes

The level 2 course is an introduction to the design and communication aspects of the subject. There are 4 modules

Introduction to Specialist Pathways in Art and Design, Creative Project in Art and Design. These are compulsory and there are two further modules.

How will I be assessed?

Level 3:

Externally assessed project 40%

Externally assessed written task 20%

Two internally assessed projects worth 20% each

Level 2:

50% internally assessed projects and 50% externally assessed.

Is this subject for me?

Fancy being the next Jony Ives or James Dyson? Do you have an interest in how things are designed and made? Our course is very hands-on, and we aim to have all students working independently in the workshop experimenting with materials, techniques and processes in order to develop and create their own designs. If you enjoy designing, problem solving and making then this course is for you.

Where can this lead me?

This course can lead to further study at university on courses such as:

  • Foundation Degrees
  • Product Design
  • Environmental Design
  • Three Dimensional Design and Crafts
  • Architecture

In terms of careers it can lead to jobs within:

  • Product Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering
  • Cad Designer
  • Cad Technician
  • Model Maker
  • Exhibition Designer
  • Craftsman
  • Designer

What else is there?

We have close links with Ricardo who also run the CREST Gold award.

We take part in the GreenPower Electric Car Competition and look for W6 students who can help as mentors to the younger students

We have trips to Bowers & Wilkins to tour their facility and explore how they create their world-class speakers.

We have links with The University of Brighton who hold tasters sessions in creative subjects and we have a trip to their inspirational degree show.

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