Biometric Enrolment FAQs

To make meal purchases easier, the Academy will use a Cashless Catering solution which will just use a fingerprint instead of a card. Hopefully, our FAQs will answer any questions you have about the system.

Why biometrics and not card or PIN?

Other methods of identification can often lead to problems and misuse – cards and PIN numbers passed around amongst students + they can also be regularly left at home or forgotten.

Why not carry on with the existing methods of payment?

By opting for a Cashless Catering system and also opting to allow the ability for parents to make online payments, we feel that we can dramatically improve existing administration processes within the Academy. With the option being offered to parents of an online payment portal, you will be able to ensure that all money is given to your son/daughter is reaching the Academy and in turn, will be able to offer them a healthy and balanced nutritional meal. We feel that we would also like to improve on our Free school meal uptake and these systems considerably raise these numbers.

What are the benefits of a Cashless Catering system?

By opting for a Cashless Catering system we will be able to speed up lunch services which will mean less queuing in the canteen. With fewer queues, more students are likely to enter the canteen.  FSM students will remain anonymous which will encourage these students to come and have a hot meal.  By offering parents online payment, this will also ensure that all money reaches the Academy and will not be lost or spent at shops.  Parents will also be able to view what their son or daughter has also been eating.

What information is actually captured?

The light on the biometric reader is used solely to illuminate the fingertip of the student or staff member and the scanning device then effectively takes a photograph. On a camera, the image data would be stored so that the picture can be reproduced again & again. On the fingerprint reader, most of the data is discarded and only a limited number (approx. 120) of random points on the fingerprint are retained. These are not stored as images but are converted using a mathematical process to convert the image data to what is essentially a string of random numbers.

Where is this data stored?

The data captured is kept within a secure database which is in turn securely held on the Academy's server, this is not taken away by anybody else or by the system suppliers.

Is this technology new and untested?

Schools/Colleges and Academies within the UK have been using biometric systems for near on 10 years now.  The system is been provided by a reputable company that has been in existence for 10+ years. They are also solely dedicated to the education sector.

What will happen to the biometric data captured when my son/daughter leaves the Academy?

All biometric information captured will be permanently deleted on exit from the Academy.

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