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What Our Parents Say

What Our Parents Say

Here is a small selection of the many emails we have had from parents recently offering thanks and positive feedback. 

"I just wanted to drop you an email about my son who started year 7 at SRWA in September 2020. He was originally meant to go to Shoreham Academy but he was adamant that he wanted to go to SRWA. He wanted a fresh start and actually go to a school where no one knew him. I am so pleased I listened to him and changed my mind. He has had the most amazing start at secondary school and has always said that he felt ‘safe and looked after’ at your school. My son had a very challenging time in primary. In fact, before lockdown, he was pretty much becoming a school refuser. He had lost the love for learning and had lost respect for all the teachers as he had been let down in many ways. I can’t believe the change in my son since he has been with you. He talks about school and all the teachers positively, he enjoys most of the lessons (especially French, English and History) and he is receiving lots of positive points (last count was 51 which I’m amazed by!) He has received a postcard and we’ve received emails about him from individual teachers. This is just so amazing and it is such a transformation from a boy who refused to work in school, who would barely lift a pencil let alone his hand to answer a question. We are so immensely proud of him and for the first time in a long time, excited about his future rather than worried about it. We just want to say thank you, thank you and thank you for giving him the best start possible. Could you please pass on a special thanks to Miss Lautier, Miss Newton and Mrs Silverthorne. My son speaks very highly of them all and they have really inspired him in so many ways. I can’t wait to meet them eventually and thank them myself."

“Everyone who works at the school should feel very proud of the incredible work they have managed to do in such difficult circumstances, and we couldn't be happier or more sure that she made the right decision when choosing SRWA. Abigail is looking forward to coming back to school in September and hopefully getting back to something closer to normality.”

"I think what SRWA has done during the lockdown and the communication has been fantastic and I know they have gone above and beyond other schools. I also know lots of parents who feel the same, it’s great to hear such support for our local school (finally).”

“We just wanted to pass on our thanks and congratulations for a very successful first week. Our son is super happy, loving being back, engaged, energised and enjoying learning again. The coach from Shoreham is pretty awesome too! Full credit to you and your team.”

“You and your team have made an incredible difference to my son. And it is evident that my belief, that the staff at SRWA are true and dedicated to their core in the education of children, was founded. My daughter is starting her final year at college at SRWA and I have openly told other parents what I think of your college... It is one of the best colleges in the area...”

Thank you so much for all the organisation you have all put in to home learning. I have spoken to different friends who have children in East and West Sussex schools and none of them sound as organised as SRWA, keeping to the curriculum and daily live lessons. I thought it was the norm until I spoke to others. I am so pleased my children attend SRWA as they are very happy there and now with all this pressure you have taken it on board and dealt with it so well, making my home/ work life balance easier to manage and my children are organised, supported and still happy. Keep up the good work and many, many thanks.”

“I just want to say a big thank you to the whole school staff. I think every hope I had for my child starting in Year 7 has been has become a reality in terms of the pastoral support and care for the kids en masse as well as individuals. I really appreciated the work going on to present learning for the children, giving them a proper break and now planning for the coming term. Thankyou to the senior leaders as I know they will have been working really hard to keep things going with staff. Some children will have parents who have health conditions that  make them vulnerable, or relatives who live along way away, this is tricky, thank you for the mental health advice related to the nurse text last week. This secondary school is the BEST!

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for the transition sessions you have run this week. My daughter starts in September (on her own) and she has been very nervous. The team have obviously put lots of thought and effort into welcoming all the new year 7s. I think an extra big thank you is in order under the strange circumstances we our currently living in. Ava really feels reassured and confident she will be happy at her years to come at SRWA.So a big thank you once again, for all of your efforts in making us feel welcome already. Please pass on my thanks to all members of Nightingale and to the principle. We look forward to seeing you all in September.”

“I would like to thank all of the fantastic Woodard teachers who have supported my two children throughout this most unusual year. Throughout the time that the school has been closed I have felt that my children have been supported both emotionally and academically. I was extremely impressed with how quickly the online lessons started and how dedicated the teachers have been. As a parent it has been great to have the opportunity to have a little sneaky listen in every so often!"

“Just wanted to say that it is really great that SRWA have live online lessons, a lot of local schools aren't doing this right now, ahead of the game!"

"I really appreciate all the hard work that you are doing to teach and care for our children. You had to adapt so quickly and you’re doing a fantastic job."

"I think Woodard is a great school and I’m really pleased that he’s with you. Zac is very keen to return to school which proves to me that he feels happy and safe there. He is learning so many new things and is very engaged. Thanks again for your dedication in these strange times.”

"Millie has especially enjoyed the live lessons and I have seen her grow in confidence. I have enjoyed the weekly bulletins and the main point that has shone through to me every week is how the main priority has been the students welfare.”






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