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Careers Afternoons

Careers Afternoons

The Academy is proud of the links and relationships we have forged with local businesses in the Lancing area, in addition to further afield. 

Six times a year, we will now host a Careers Afternoon; one for each year group. These are networking events for our students to engage with local business people and learn about careers and the world of work.

At present, our events are online and local employers and business people speak to our students via Zoom, Google Meet and the like. 

The advantage of the Careers Afternoon for the Academy is that it allows us to build links with our local employers and engage in exceptional careers and work-related learning activities. Ofsted has described our work with the community as outstanding. The links we forge have allowed us to provide a range of opportunities for our students including mock interviews, work experience, workplace visits and much more.

We are active members of the Worthing Chamber of Commerce and are grateful to Prosperon Networks in Worthing for their generous sponsorship to support our membership.

We are constantly grateful to our business community for their support and dedication to the Academy. If you are in business and would be interested in getting involved in future events, feel free to email us at

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