Coronavirus - Advice from the DfE

Posted on: 11th Feb 2020

Advice from the DfE regarding Coronavirus can be found here.

UPDATE: February 13th 2020

Dear parents and carers

We wanted to provide a further update regarding the situation with the coronavirus.

Public Health England are leading on control measures relating to the virus and they will be contacting people who may be affected using their established systems for similar situations. If someone has not been contacted by Public Health England as a close contact, they do not need to take any action.  Public Health England and the office of the Chief Medical Officer are clear in their advice that schools do not need to close. 

We at SRWA are therefore closely following the advice from Public Health England as well as the DFE, West Sussex County Council and the  Woodard Academies Trust.

A family member of one student has been informed that they should self-isolate as a precaution because of a connection to one of the health centres affected by the coronavirus. This is absolutely the right thing for them to do. During this time, they will be supported by Public Health England, who are monitoring them and will undertake testing if they show any symptoms of the virus, and provide any further care needed.   

Unless directly affected, general advice remains the same: students should attend school as they normally would and whilst here continue to take common-sense steps to prevent the spread of illnesses, such as washing hands regularly with soap and water, using the hand sanitizers we have available in the Academy and using tissues to reduce the spread of infections.

Please rest assured we will continue to follow the advice of the experts and act promptly if anything changes.

Yours sincerely,

Kieran Scanlon

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