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Year 13 celebrate an excellent set of results in unforgettable year

Posted on: 10th Aug 2021

Students and staff at W6 Sixth Form are today celebrating yet another set of great results. This year saw an early announcement of the cancellation of exams and a move to Centre Assessed Grades, and students once again rose to the challenge of the changes in the examination system. We are delighted that there were numerous examples of excellent performance from our students. 

These achievements are a source of pride for the Academy and they provide a strong foundation for further success for our students, with W6 students able to move on to excellent university placements all across the UK. A record number of students successfully applied to university this year. 

Principal, Kieran Scanlon, said: “Our curriculum and assessment systems are so tightly and carefully planned. The move to Centre Assessed Grades meant we had a broad range of data to ensure that students were awarded the grades that reflected the hard work and effort of the previous years. These excellent results are a true indication of the dedication of our students and staff.” The Academy was quick to move to online lessons in March 2020, with live face-to-face lessons from day one of the lockdown, and this continued throughout the second closure from January 2021. This ensured students faced as little disruption as possible to their learning.

Our students showed great resilience throughout the pandemic, with excellent commitment to online lessons. It was pleasing to see this commitment rewarded, and  so many of our students awarded the highest grades of A*,  A and B.

More students than ever have undertaken A-level courses, however students on vocational courses also continued the trend of excellent results, with up to 50% of students in some qualifications awarded grades of Distinction and Distinction*.

Morgan Sadler was always on track to impress, starting his A-levels with excellent GCSEs in hand. He walked away with an A* in each of Maths, Further Maths and Physics, sealing his place to study Engineering at St Catherine’s College, Oxford. Morgan worked tirelessly since joining the academy in Year 7 and it is a product of his hard work, determination and talent that he has been able to join the growing roster of former SRWA students and study at one of the best universities in the world. 

When quizzed about his results, Morgan admitted he “was pretty sure he would do alright” and he was quietly confident he would get in, but was relieved to sign in to UCAS and see the final offer in black and white. 

Over 50% of students studying Maths, English Literature, Chemistry and Biology achieved an A or A* grade.   Rachael Hardinge scored an astounding A* in Psychology, and A’s in Biology and Chemistry which secures her place to study Dental Surgery at the University of Sheffield.  Alex Stringer had his eye on a place at the University of Plymouth to study Sociology, and his A* In Business Studies, A* in Psychology and A in English Literature saw him easily secure his place. Roonie Ramshaw has always been interested in a career in Law and his three A grades are his ticket to study Law at Manchester university. Over a quarter of our students achieved straight A’s or A*’s, and almost 40% achieved at least one A grade. 

A key strength for the Academy is in the Performing Arts and creative qualifications. Over half of A-level Theatre Studies students achieved an A or A, 100% of Creative Media students earned a Distinction, with 50% reaching Distinction*. COVID didn’t hold back our performing arts students, with countless performances either devised and performed online or worked around complex rules to be COVID compliant. With an A grade in Theatre Studies and a Distinction in Music, Megan Whitehead is headed to the University of Plymouth to study acting alongside other SRWA alumni. 

Lucy Rawlinson also aimed for a place to study Biochemistry at King's College London and her A*’s in Biology and Psychology, and an A in Chemistry made that a reality. 

Our students’ achievements have once again opened the doors to many of the country’s best universities.  The range of courses to which students have been accepted this year is impressive, including Criminology, Accountancy, Aerospace Electronic Engineering, Law with Criminology, Software Engineering, Biochemistry, Dental Surgery and Journalism to name just a few. 

Kieran Scanlon, Headteacher, commented “W6 Sixth Form at SRWA is an excellent place for students in our community to study their A-levels and prepare for their next steps. We’re pleased that so many of our students have received their first choice offers to top universities.  We are obviously delighted that Morgan joins a growing list of students going on to study at Oxford.  We’re very lucky to have such excellent students in our sixth form and we can’t wait for future success when our students in years 7 - 11 progress into our sixth form."

Individual Highlights include:



Morgan Buchanan-Wilson

A - Geography, A - Mathematics

University of Southampton - Aerospace Electronic Engineering

Harvie Dupret

A* - Psychology, A - Theatre Studies, Distinction - 3D Design

Charlie Evans

A - History, A- Mathematics

University of Surrey - Accounting and Finance

Jessica Flavell

A - Biology, A- History,  A- Theatre Studies

Rachael Hardinge

A* -Psychology, A - Biology, A - Chemistry

University of Sheffield - Dental Surgery

Daniel Michaeloudis

A* - Mathematics, A*- Further Mathematics, A - Computer Science, Merit - RSL Music

Bournemouth University - Software Engineering

Archie Piatt

A* - Mathematics, A*- Further Mathematics, A - Computer Science, A - Chemistry 

University of Surrey - Chemical Engineering

Roonie Ramshaw

A - English Literature, A- History, A- Theatre Studies

University of Manchester - Law

Lucy Rawlinson

A* - Biology, A* - Psychology, A - Chemistry

King's College London, University of London - Biochemistry

Leila Reed

A* - Biology, A - Chemistry, A - Mathematics

Morgan Sadler

A*- Mathematics, A* - Further Mathematics, A* - Physics

University of Oxford - Engineering

Alex Stringer

A* - Business Studies, A* - Psychology, A- English Literature

University of Plymouth - Sociology

Megan Whitehead

A* - Business Studies, A - Theatre Studies, Distinction - RSL Music

University of Plymouth - Acting

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