Year 12 on innovative new Performing Arts course

Posted on: 21st Jun 2021

A group of Year 12 students, studying performing arts on a brand new A-level equivalent course with RSL (Rock School London) are this week working on an exciting new pilot project with Nathan Crossan-Smith, Associate Director of the National Theatre.

This project involved students devising a performance based on social media posts and memes reimagined to explore our experience of exiting lockdown. The group were split into two with one devising a piece based on the opening scene in the movie Shrek and the other using TikTok memes about Nigel Farage.

Last week the same group of year 12s worked with RSC actor Ed Bennett and Drama practitioner and actor James Dunnell-Smith to create a physical theatre piece based on a version of Hansel and Gretel written by Philip Pullman. They will perform their work as part of their RSL Level 3 course in Creative and Performing Arts. 

The RSL course is designed to be highly relevant and practical giving students experience of working with industry professionals.

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