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Year 11 students overcome challenges to achieve GCSE success

Posted on: 20th Aug 2020

Students and staff at the Sir Robert Woodard Academy, come together proudly today in celebration of another excellent set of GCSE results.

Due to their hard work and commitment before COVID-19 caused the cancellation of exams, Year 11 students were able to demonstrate excellence across the range of subjects, securing places to ensure the next stage in their journey towards their chosen career. During lockdown, many students also showed their further dedication by continuing to study at SRWA, participating in voluntary live online ‘bridging’ courses to keep their skills up.

There is much to be proud of. This year, many more SRWA students were entered for the academic Ebacc suite of qualifications, resulting in a 24% increase in the pass rate that they achieved. 

Across the curriculum, there were also some outstanding subject results: Continuing our trend in recent years, students’ grades in Maths improved by another 14% at 5+, and students in Drama/Production Arts and Physics, Chemistry and Biology secured a 100%  and 97% pass rate respectively. News on BTEC qualifications is yet to be announced - we look forward to celebrating similar success in these subjects, too.

Among the many examples of outstanding personal effort and achievement were more examples than ever of exceptional individual performance, among them:-

Joe Woods: 8 Grade 9s
Dylan Sadler:8 Grade 9s, 1 grade 8
Lewis McCabe-Gay:8 Grade 9s, 1 grade 8
Ella Kwong: 7 Grade 9s

Andreea Bejan: 5 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s
Daniel Morley:4 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7
Rosanna Griffiths:3 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7
Joe Stewart: 2 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s
Elizabeth Ayling: 2 Grade 9s, 5 Grade 8s, 2 Grade 7s

Joe Woods, who achieved 8 grade 9s is one of only 20 students in the area to have been awarded a 100% scholarship to Shoreham College to study A-levels in maths, chemistry, biology and drama. He said: “I was a bit worried when I heard about the algorithm affecting A-levels as I thought it could have affected me but I was quietly confident because I knew I had worked really hard to get the grades.” 

Dylan Sadler, who got 8 grade 9s and 1 grade 8, and is staying on at SRWA sixth form to study A-levels in maths and sciences said: “I thought I’d probably be fine but still part of me thought- oh God, what if? So I feel very relieved today.”

Andreea Bejan, was deservedly happy to receive her 5 grade 9s and 4 grade 8s this morning. She said: “After what happened with the A-levels I was really worried because I thought it wouldn’t have been fair if I’d been downgraded. But my grades today are pretty much what my mocks predicted so I’m really happy!” 

Celebrating with students today, Academy Principal Kieran Scanlon, commented: 

I’m pleased today to be focusing on individual students who have excelled through hard work. This is a true reflection of their commitment to their studies and their ambition for the future. I also want to pay tribute to the data team who have taken the last minute complications in their stride and have worked tirelessly to ensure the students experience a proper results day. The fact that so many of our teachers turn up on results day is a true testament to their commitment to these students. It’s wonderful to be part of such a strong team.”

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