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A27 bridge memorial cermony

Posted on: 21st Nov 2019

This morning, to tie in with National Road Safety Week, a moving rededication ceremony was held by the footbridge at Upper Boundstone Lane in Lancing, in memory of those who tragically lost their lives crossing the road here over a ten year period in the 80s and 90s. Most of the victims were students on their way to or from Boundstone Comprehensive School that stood here at the time.

In attendance were representatives from Lancing Parish Council and Adur District Council, local MP Tim Loughton, who was instrumental in the bridge campaign, members of the Keep Lancing Lovely team, local residents, SRWA students, Mr Scanlon SRWA Principal and Paul Kennedy CEO of Woodard Academies Trust. Also present were friends and family of the deceased including Wendy Peters, mother of Steven Negus who lost his life on the road in 1984. And SRWA Music teacher Laura Fauvel, friend of Scott Purdie, the 10th person to be killed on the A27 aged 13.

The ceremony was presided over by Paul Sanderson, Chaplain at Sir Robert Woodard Academy who said a few words. The gathering then heard poems written and read by SRWA students. Mr Scanlon then read out the names of the deceased which was followed by a moment’s silence.

This footbridge was installed and opened in May 2005 after many years of meetings, protests and requests from local residents, the local MP, and the parents of those killed or injured in the proximity of the Pelican Crossing that was originally installed here.

Local group Keep Lancing Lovely had spent the previous weekend tidying and planting in the memorial garden around the plaque in preparation for the ceremony, which coincided with National Road Safety Week.

Mr Scanlon said: “I am so grateful to Trevor Crowter and Keep Lancing Lovely for all they do for the community. The memorial garden, to our great shame, had become completely overgrown and the volunteers have really brought it back to life. I hope the service we held today as part of Road Safety week will become an annual event to remember those who lost their lives in such a tragic way.“

We Can Remember, by student Blake Waddington
We can remember
We can remember why the bridge was built
We can remember their names
We can remember how they died
We can remember that they are gone; but they are still here
In our minds and hearts
The reason we can remember is this bridge
Our life support
We can remember that the bridge saved many
We can remember how we are lucky and alive
We can remember them
We can remember.
Solid, by Staff Member

Solid it stands to serve
For those who want to walk over
Solid, in solace for those who didn't get to.
Parting Gift, by Casey and Beth, Year 9

They were 10 who died and many cried
Their friends never got to say their last goodbyes
But most of all those that lost their lives
Got us this bridge that helps us to survive.


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