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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award success

Posted on: 14th Oct 2019

This year has been the most popular Bronze year ever, with 28 students signing up to the challenge.

Our practice expedition was at Park Wood campsite, and saw us all getting very wet, with one group walking almost 20 km over the day. All the students were good natured, and tried their hardest to support each other and push themselves. The highlight was rescuing one group from a farm full of hungry cows, who thought it was feeding time and ran towards them - not pleasant but clearly demonstrates the importance of exceptional map skills.

Now the assessed walk has also been completed, after two successful weekends at Gumber Bothy in Slindon - near Arundel. This is one of the most scenic places in the country, and once again their resilience and good nature shone through, and thankfully their map skills had developed significantly.

Next stage is silver, for the toughest of the tough.

Congratulations again to the whole team!

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