Students spend day with Channel 4 and Instagram

Posted on: 1st Jul 2019

The7schools event was initially created by the7stars and Visionpath to give 14 students from around the country the exciting opportunity to experience a day in the life of a media agency employee.

Each of the students involved were carefully selected by the school because of their passion for Media and aspiration to one day have a career in Media or Marketing. 

Having negotiated public transport in London, the students arrived at the7stars’ Holborn office, where they were met by Visionpath and the ‘People Team’ at the7stars.  Once settled, the students were introduced to the day by Visionpath before hearing from the7stars Managing Partner – Liam Mullins, who introduced Media and the7stars to the group. This was followed by an introduction to their 7 mentors and a Q+A session in which the students found out a little bit about the mentors, their own experiences of breaking into the Media industry and what they love most about working in Media in London.

The students were then introduced to their Case Study briefing – a plan for the marketing of Papa John’s newest pizza. This was a ‘live brief’ which the7stars are currently working on, ahead of Papa John’s release of the pizza in September. The groups were tasked with selecting the platform upon which they would advertise the pizza and met with 4 media owners from each of these. Following the presentations from Capital Radio, Channel 4, DCM and Instagram – they began building their pitches under the guidance and expertise of the7stars mentors.

Following an afternoon of planning, each group presented their ideas to the a panel of judges from the7stars, receiving some fantastic feedback.  We were extremely impressed by the students in each group, with the panel of judges consistently mentioning that the ideas were similar to those they would have for the Papa John’s case.  Having completed their presentations, the day was wrapped up by the7stars and the students had the opportunity to sign up for future events and career opportunities in Media, an option which they eagerly took. 

Each of the students represented their schools extremely well and should be really pleased with the excellent work they produced throughout the day.

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