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Greenpower at Goodwood 2019

Posted on: 1st Jul 2019

After working tirelessly on the car and making lots of improvements to the previous seasons car the SRW A-team travelled over to Goodwood to compete in the 2019 Greenpower heat.

The car looked fantastic and drove really well. The new steering rack massively improved the handling of the car and the team were continually praised by the marshals for the work they had undertaken. They received numerous positive comments about the new steering wheel they had designed, prototyped and manufactured using a CNC machine.

During race one the team did really well and gradually moved up the field into 18 place. It was all looking really positive until the car suffered and electrical failure making it unable to draw enough power from the batteries to continue.

Back in the pits whilst investigating the issue the batteries were accidentally connected incorrectly causing a small fire and adding to our list of issues to resolve before race number two. The team aided by the parents who had come to support the students worked together to source new parts and fix the issues. We eventually got the car prepped for the race, but we were all a little dubious as to whether we had done enough or if the issue from the first race would occur again.

We managed 12 miles in the second race before the car started playing up. To ensure each team member got to race the team selflessly kept pitting so everyone could drive on the icon race track.

In total we raced 47 miles we got our car up to a top speed of 30.1 MPH with and averaged a speed of 26.6MPH. The students had an amazing day, they learnt a lot our car and they came away with a list of tests they need to run regarding how to achieve the best performance.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the team for their hard work and commitment over the last year, Jack Southam for going the extra mile and being a fantastic mentor to the younger students and the parents who came out to support us during the race.

We are currently looking for sponsorship for next season and have plans to develop a second scratch build car. If anyone should have any contacts they feel might be interesting in supporting our project please get in touch.

Mr O’Brien

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