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Beauty and the Beast- mysterious and magical

Posted on: 1st Feb 2019

Audiences were transported to 18th century Paris in all its baroque grandeur this week with our Christmas show – a quirky retelling of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast.

Jean Louis and his wife Helene have a young family of six children. Unfortunately Helene dies and Jean is left to look after the children himself, struggling to cope after her death. Through a snow storm he accidentally finds himself at the palace of the beast where he picks a beautiful rose. The beast finds out and makes a pact with him that within the month he will give the beast his daughter for marriage, or will lose his life.

The brave young daughter leaves her family behind to save her father’s life and finds love in the glorious Palace of the Beast.

The cast of over 50 students from all year groups 7-13 pulled together to put on a magnificent show with confident performances, fantastic hand-stitched period costumes and an incredibly creative hand-made set. Original music for the show was written by our very own, Laura Fauvel and original choreography devised by Head of Dance, Alison Askew and Chloe Hill.

One year 7 parent said; “It was such a treat for the eyes and ears! The costumes and set were incredible.This was our first SRWA show and the whole thing was so professional, we were very impressed.”

Principal Kieran Scanlon said: “It’s easy to fall into the trap of taking the consistency, quality and ambition of our school performances for granted. The truth is that what the Performing Arts team achieve is extraordinary. This latest production of Beauty and the Beast is hilarious, rich in dialogue and the set is stunning. The range of students involved is also fantastic to see. I’m already looking forward to the next show.” 

Well done to all involved!

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