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SRWA Host The 6-Up Book Awards

Posted on: 16th May 2019

Last week SRWA hosted the 6-Up Book Awards- the culmination of a programme that promotes higher-level reading among Year 6 children at some of our feeder primary schools: Sompting Village Primary, North Lancing Primary, the Globe Primary and Seaside Primary, and has them working alongside Year 7 students at the academy.

Pupils read 4 shortlisted teen novels and meet regularly to discuss the stories and issues raised in the books.  This creates a buzz in the whole year group around reading and encourages peer to peer enthusiasm for reading.  We start in October and it runs to March – with the presentation afternoon as near to World Book Day as we can manage. The year 6 students love it – they get excited when the new books arrive and I have the opportunity of speaking with them and hearing their thoughts on all the books.  

We had a great afternoon discussing the books, participating in some activities and then finishing with the vote and announcement of the winner.  Book Tokens were given to four students (one from each Primary) who had done outstanding work in their “Reading Passports” over the last 6 months, writing reviews, writing about themselves and some had even drawn their favourite characters or redesigned the book covers.  

6 Up Book Awards – winning book was “Sleeper” by J D Fennell

Students commented:

“I was captivated by the constant suspense and plot twists! Five Stars!”
Lily – Sompting Village Primary

“An exciting journey inside a book.  I didn’t want it to end or put it down.”  
Pip – The Globe

“In with the adventure, was a good way to start the story … the ending was a great cliffhanger!”
Harrison – North Lancing

“This has been an incredible book as just the first few lines drew me in. I really want to read the next book!”
Sol – Seaside.

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