History fires pupils’ curiosity to ask questions and know more about Britain’s past and that of the wider world.

Pupils should be encouraged to develop a chronological framework of British history that will enable them to make sense of the new knowledge they acquire. This will also allow them to understand the process of change, to see how we arrived ‘here’ and help them to make sense of the present. We want pupils to realise that the past is gone and history is constructed and contested. History’s unique concepts help pupils to construct arguments and support them to become analytical citizens who can question human motivation and society with skill and confidence. 

Aims Of The Subject

We aim to foster in our students:

  1. A lifelong passion for History.
  2. A good level of specific subject knowledge.
  3. The ability to analyse sources.
  4. The ability to evaluate different interpretations.
  5. High levels of literacy.  

Staff Contacts

Mr J Andain, Director of Humanities,

Ms C Leslie, Subject Leader,

Ms M Vivier, Teacher of History,


We offer a catch up club for all students after school on Thursdays, as well as GCSE intervention sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

There are exciting History trips to Dover Castle and to the WWI battlefields in Belgium.

At A Level, two students are offered the chance to take part in the Holocaust memorial programme. This involves a trip to Auschwitz, two seminars in London and the chance to do a week's worth of assemblies to the whole school reflecting on their experience.

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