Psychology is the science of behaviour and experience. It is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline and includes many sub-fields of study.

The topics covered in the A Level course are:



Psychopathology (OCD, depression and phobias)

Social influence (conformity and obedience)

Approaches (Biological, Cognitive, Behaviourist, Social Learning Theory, Humanistic and Psychodynamic)



Research Methods

Mathematics and Statistics

Issues and debates (reductionism, holism, determinism, free will, nature vs. nurture, gender bias, culture bias, temporal validity)


Cognition and Development

Forensic Psychology 

Aims Of The Subject

AO1 - To gain psychological knowledge including concepts, research studies and theories

AO2 - To apply psychological knowledge in context to specific scenarios and case studies

AO3 - To be able to evaluate, analyse and interpret psychological knowledge and consider it's value in everyday life. 

Staff Contacts

Ms A Tamplin, Head of Psychology A level,


Research Projects - Students are given the opportunity to put their research skills into practice by conducting their own studies.

Trips to Hurstpierpoint College - Students are provided the opportunity to experience "master classes" with a range of expert Psychologists. This usually occurs in Year 13 to help students with revision. 

Useful Links

Tutor 2 U - - online resources with content and exam practice.

Simple Psychology - - online resources with content and exam practice.

AQA Psychology - - online resource to access the specification and past papers.

Psychology Student Facebook Group - - Brilliant place to share resources and fins answers to any specific questions. 

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