Geography is a challenging literacy focused subject that requires a strong understanding of subject knowledge and understanding and a range of geographical skills.

This includes graphical, statistical and spatial skills through the use of maps. The mains strands students focus are human, physical and environmental geography. It is a dynamic subject that covers a wide range of issues from at a global scale. For example climate change, deforestation, urbanisation and our changing economy. We also look at examples of local projects, disaster events and place studies that focus on specific urban and rural areas within countries. Students studying geography will often learn through place examples. They will look at how natural features are formed and the causes of natural and human events. Students will also focus on the social, economic, environmental and political impacts of a range of issues and also look at how we can manage these. An understanding of sustainability is key when studying geography.

Aims Of The Subject

  • Develop students literacy skills through geographical content
  • Develop students fieldwork techniques
  • Develop students numeracy skills, particularly through data presentation techniques and statistical analysis
  • Develop a deeper understanding of contemporary issues faced by our planet
  • Develop a love for our planet and recognise the importance of managing our environment effectively
  • Develop students ability to assess and evaluate topical issues
  • Develop students understanding of place geography and specific subject knowledge

Staff Contacts

Miss C Bovill, geography subject lead,

Mr S Wild, teacher of geography,

Mr E Kington, Assistant Prinicpal and teacher of geography


Students have the opportunity to play a part of leading our annual fairtrade fortnight, in order to help raise awareness. Field trips are also a key element of geography.

Ks3/4- Humanities drop in and catch up runs every Thursday after school

Ks4- Students participate in 2 field trips, one within a coastal environment and a human geography field trip that takes place in the local area.

Ks5- Students are required to carry out an independent investigation in an unfamiliar location.They will spend 5 days in Wales developing their own enquiries.

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