RE, Philosophy and Ethics

Religion, Philosophy and Ethics lessons at SRWA are designed to make students think deeply about all aspects of life as well as giving them an excellent level of subject knowledge of a range of world religions.

The lessons are designed to be stimulating and thought provoking and there is always a great emphasis placed upon class discussion in all Key Stages. RPE is a popular subject at GCSE, where results have been consistently above national average, and A Level where many students have achieved results which have helped them go to Russel Group Universities including Oxford. Several students have also gone on to study Philosophy at University after study this subject at A Level here at SRWA.

Aims Of The Subject

  1. To instil a lifelong passion for Philosophy in our students - we want students to constantly ask and seek to find answers to life's 'ultimate questions'.
  2. To leave our students with an outstanding knowledge of a range of world religions - what their adherents believe and how this impacts upon their lives. 
  3. To leave our students confident in being able to debate, share and discuss their ideas about the 'ultimate questions' we discuss in RPE lessons.
  4. To leave our students with high levels of literacy which allow them to express themselves as eloquently on paper as they can through their mouths. 
  5. To leave our students able to analyse arguments in a way which makes them more likely to question sources, people and events and less likely to accept new information at face value without questioning it first. 
  6. To leave students with the ability to think for themselves and come to their own conclusions regarding the answers to life's 'ultimate questions'. 

Staff Contacts

Jonny Lawson, Head of Religion, Philosophy and Ethics:

Amy Tamplin, Teacher of Religion, Philosophy and Ethis:


There are a range of enrichment opportunities available within, or supported by, the RPE department. 

For Key Stage 3: Weekly homework drop in sessions with Miss Tamplin

For Key Stage 4: Weekly revision sessions with Mr Lawson

For Key Stage 5: Bespoke revision sessions with Mr Lawson are constantly available upon request

There is also a weekly Chapel Club run by Mr Storey and supported by Miss Tamplin where students can discuss faith related issues within a Christian context. 

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