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Student Lateral Flow COVID Tests from Home

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Thanks to an amazing effort from the testing team, every student in the Academy will have been offered three Lateral Flow Tests here onsite. Regular tests will now be completed at home, 2 per week, spaced apart by 3-5 days. 

Home test kits have now been distributed by the year group chapter teams.

There should be two boxes, each containing 3 tests and equipment to carry them out,  plus detailed instructions on how to perform and report the tests. Please do check that your son or daughter has received them on the relevant day, and read the instructions carefully. 

Further government information and support is available here:

PHE Leaflet on Rapid Home LFT Covid Tests

NHS Video Guide to Completing a Rapid Lateral Flow Test at Home

Each time you complete a test, all results (Negative, Positive or Void/Invalid) must be reported to the NHS Test and Trace Database (instructions for how to do this are in the test pack), and must also be reported separately to us, as we are required to keep all results for our own in-school Track and Trace and record-keeping purposes.

Please report all test results on the link below in addition to informing NHS Track and Trace. You will need the test ID number printed on the body of the test itself (below the QR Code) to do this, so don’t throw it away without making a note!:-

Inform SRWA of your child's home COVID Lateral Flow Test result

In the event of your child receiving a positive test result, please take the following further urgent action:-

1. Contact NHS Test and Trace as per the instructions given in the test kit, and enter your results on the SRWA database  Inform SRWA of your child's home COVID Lateral Flow Test result

2. Contact the Academy immediately on, so that we are alerted to identify any other close contacts, and stop the spread of infection. We will call you back to confirm all details. Please be assured that your call and details will be handled sensitively and confidentially. 

3. Arrange a further PCR test at your nearest test centre. This is important in case the Lateral Flow Device test has registered a false result. 

4. Begin self-isolation for 10 days - this applies to the entire household. If the PCR test comes back as negative, then your child can return to school if they are feeling well, and your period of self-isolation ends. If the PCR test is also positive, then your household should continue to isolate for 10 days. There is no need for anyone else in the household to arrange for a PCR test, unless they subsequently develop symptoms. 

Further government guidance in cases of possible coronavirus infection


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