Great Expectations



At SRWA, we want our students to ‘Aspire to Achieve’ in all that they do. To support this, the Academy focuses on six key learner attributes and we encourage all students to be:


We believe that young people who display strong qualities in all these areas will be ready to lead successful lives in the 21st century. For this reason we monitor progress in these areas and report back to students and parents twice a year. In addition, we encourage and provide opportunities for all students to develop these attributes.
A student’s ‘ASPIRE score’ is the mechanism we use to show students and parents how they are progressing in terms of developing these attributes. This takes into account some of the harder to assess, non-academic qualities that young people are encouraged to develop. 

Growing your ASPIRE score:

Conversations about how to increase their ASPIRE score are held regularly with students at the Academy. Below are some ways we encourage students to do this:


(measured by participation in extracurricular activities)

- Become a student leader
- Sign up to be a buddy mentor
- Run for student council
- Join a sports team (inside or outside of school)
- Join a club (inside or outside of school)
- Take part in a trip
- Audition for a production 
- Take up a musical instrument 
- Learn a new language


(measured by negative behaviour points)

- Get into good routines with homework
- Make sure you can log into Show my Homework 
- Ask your teachers if you can move seats to help you concentrate better
- Ask to go on positive report to your tutor 
- Ask for help modifying your behaviour 
- Ask your parents to contact the school for help 


(measured by attendance)

- Think about your lifestyle (healthy lifestyles lead to less illness)
- Ask yourself, are you really too unwell to come into school?
- Review your morning routine - are you getting up on time and arriving to school on time?
- Get a watch so you can be on time 


(average of scores given by all class teachers)

- Attend homework club to ensure homework completed
- Log onto SMHW every day (parents can do this too)
- Write out a homework timetable and stick it on your wall
- Challenge yourself to do some extra work once a week in one subject
- Make sure you have all the equipment you need for learning and check daily 
- Ask for help more in class 
- Make sure you know the course and assessment structures of your subjects 


 (average of scores given by all class teachers)

- When you get something wrong, think it through before you say ‘I can’t do it’.
- Make sure you have a green pen - and use it!
- Ask for help when you need it 
- Listen to the feedback given to you and act on it
- Remember that every mistake is an opportunity! 


(measured by positive behaviour points)

- Challenge yourself to put your hand up in every lesson
- Put that extra effort in - don't just do the minimum 
- Ask questions in class
- Go the extra mile
- Nag your teachers to give out rewards! 

 Questions and support

If students or parents have any questions about the ASPIRE report they should speak to their tutor. 


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