Year 11 Aspire Day - Careers

Thanks for agreeing to take part in our Year 11 Aspire Day on 29th November. On this page are the details of logistics and other information that might be handy for your visit to The Sir Robert Woodard Academy.

We look forward to seeing you. It's always a great day.


The morning is split into three sessions. You can join us for as many or as little as you like. 

  • 9am Arrival - you may arrive from 9am onwards
  • 9.15am - Briefing - a quick run down of the morning and what to expect, safeguarding procedures etc. 
  • 9.30 - 10.10 Session 1
  • 10.10 - 10.50 - Session 2
  • 10.50 - 11.00 Comfort break
  • 11.10 - 11.50 Session 3
  • 11.50 - Evaluation and departure.

You are free to stay for as many sessions as you like, and of course leave if you need to.


Upon arrival, you may park in our north car park (where the zig zags are on the road) or our south car park which is next to Boundstone nursery. There will be plenty of spaces as no other staff are on site on this day. If you park in the south car park, you will need to walk up to the main entrance via the street pavement or along the outside of the building that faces on to Boundstone Lane.


Our reception is accessed via the north gate (where the zig zags are on the road).

Our reception will be staffed from 9am and for most of the morning. If you arrive and there is no one on reception, you can contact Mark Monahan on  01903 875501.

Please ensure you sign in on our register and collect your name badge.

What will happen?

All you need to do is talk about yourself. What was your career journey? What path did you take to your current role? What skills do you think helped get you there? What mistakes did you make along the way? What advice can you give students about what you think employers look for? 


There will be tea, coffee and pastries from 9am and again at our break time at 10.50. We will finish before lunch.


We are just off the A27 if you are coming from Brighton. Turn off just by the green pedestrian overpass. 

Our postcode is BN15 9QZ

For specific directions from your location, you can find them here:


When visiting schools it is important to follow safeguarding procedures. If a student discloses something to you or you have concerns regarding a child's wellbeing please report it to a member of SRWA staff. 

All sessions happen in communcal spaces, so it is unlikely that you willl find yourself on your own with a student, but please you are not alone in a room with a student without a member of staff present. 

Full details of our safeguarding policy can be found here:

SRWA Keeping Children Safe.


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