Careers - Aspire Day 1

Year 11 Aspire Day - Careers

Year 11 Aspire Day - Careers

Can you offer some time to help out? We are running an event for year 11 students on 29th November. We close the school to everyone except for year 11 students who have a day of motivation, mindfulness, revision tips and careers advice.

We are keen to involve the local business community to talk about different sectors, careers, employability skills, and more. 

We would like to run 3 sessions through the day (09:30am - 12.00pm) so you have the option to come in for all or part of the time dependent on your availability.

If you are interested and available on Friday 29th November, click Sign Up to respond and to find out more about how you can get involved.

Session times:

Session 1 9.30 - 10.10
Session 2 10.10 - 10.50
Session 3 11.00 - 11.40


There is the chance to speak to a broad range of students. The design of the day is such that you will get to speak to students in small groups of 2 or 3. Of course, if you have a great story you want to share and are willing to speak to a larger group in a lecture style, that would be great too. Let us know.

Make a difference.

Your time will inspire our students to aim high and understand how their GCSE success links to the world of work. Also, the wider the range of careers students know about, the better. 
Click the link below to let us know if you can help out.

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