Year 13 DNA Origami Project

Posted on: 11th Feb 2022

Congratulations to the year 13 science and 3D Design students involved in the highly innovative project curiously titled 'DNA Origami', which involves manipulating and actually folding DNA into various shapes, much like you would a piece of paper but on a molecular level. This is a burgeoning area of science with many medical applications such as drug delivery and as a diagnostic tool.

Last week the group presented their DNA origami designs and research findings to materials scientists at the Bragg Centre for Materials Research at the University of Leeds. Their folded DNA will then be sent to the centre where it will be looked at and assessed using an Atomic Force Microscope.

SRWA science teacher and project leader James Gardiner said: "Obviously this is very detailed and delicate work and the team have been using genetic material and specialist university level lab equipment to complete the project. We are very proud of them for working very maturely at a much higher level than normally expected of their age group."

Principal Mr Scanlon said: "Everything that helps to bring the curriculum to life is welcome in my eyes.The IRIS project continues to inspire the next generation of scientists and I'm so pleased we get to offer this opportunity to our students."

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