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3D Design Bowers and Wilkins trip

Posted on: 13th Feb 2020

On the 22nd January the 3D Design sixth form students attended a visit to the Bowers and Wilkins facility in Worthing to do a tour of the manufacturing plant and experience some of the world class acoustic products they produce.

The tour was led by NPI & Production Support Engineer Peter Paice and introduced the students to real life manufacturing techniques the rigorous quality assurance that ensures such high standards and how Bowers & Wilkins creates their world class speakers. Peter went out of his way to answer all the students’ questions and provide a very unique and valuable experience for them.

Once the tour was complete we headed over to the media centre for a listening session.  During the listening session the students were spoilt by the Bowers & Wilkins hospitality and the sound quality. They enjoyed various tracks and video clips in the acoustically treated studios and cinema that demonstrated just how good the end results of the extensive design, testing and manufacturing techniques can be.

The 3D Design department and SRWA would like to extend our thanks to Bowers & Wilkins and Peter for giving his valuable time for our students, it was a truly awe inspiring visit which demonstrated perfectly how products are created and highlighted many potential career paths available to them.

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