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Maths Parent Workshops

Posted on: 28th Oct 2019

This week a brave group of parents came in to school to join their children in a Maths class. The aim of the workshops were to debunk some common maths myths and show parents how differently maths is taught in school now compared to when they were students themselves.

We hope that taking part in a class will enable parents to engage more easily with their children over maths homework and better equip them to offer support with maths at home.

The children also very much enjoyed having their parents come in to school and joining a lesson with them.

We were very pleased to receive lots of positive feedback about the workshops (see below).

Parent feedback:

  • Lots of fun and really helpful: the perfect combination. Really impressed by the combined classes and the mix of team work and individually focussed task.

  • Very helpful and nice to know how learning happens now. Extremely positive! Thanks.

  • I really enjoyed the lesson. I like that you teach them to tackle problems rather than just trying to remember too much.

  • I really enjoyed having maths games as the focus.  Very enjoyable to do with my child and see them engaged and excited.

  • Lesson was interesting to learn what the children are learning and get an insight into their work. I enjoyed coming into the class today.

  • Really enjoyed the maths games!  Very clear explanation of how they are taught and the logical way it was explained was very clear. Thank you.

  • What an engaging and imaginative way to bring maths to life and encourage fun and participation.

  • Very informative, a great way to understand how our children learn. Very interactive.Thank you.

  • Really useful.   Making maths fun is the way forward and definitely learning times tables! Thank you.

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