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Year 11 Exam Success

Year 11 Exam Success

This page contains a wealth of links that enables students and parents to access information and resources to support the revision process both throughout the year and leading up to mock and final examinations. These resources may update over time, so keep checking back here regularly. 

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Useful links  
All Google Drive Resources Be Prepared! SWOT Analysis
Revision Strategies Top Tips for Effective Revision
Give yourself a pep talk Weekly Revision Template
Google Classroom Help and Support
Coping with exam stress Exam Board info


Subject Specific Resources

Subject Site Notes
English Google Classroom Course resources available on Google Classroom.
  Google Drive Additional Resources.
Maths Sparx Ask your teacher for your login code.
  Just Maths Ask your teacher for your login code.
  Google Drive  
Science Google Drive Access to all revision checklists and topic lists for Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams in Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Combined and Triple Science students. Guidance on how and what to use to revise.
  Adapt Online science revision platform (Collins Adapt). Use school email address as username to login. Password can be reset using the 'Forgot' button on the login page.
  Required Practical Simulator Interactive revision of all the GCSE science required practicals in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (separate links). Click on AQA for Triple Science ones or Combined Science only.
History Google Drive - Revision Essentials  
  Seneca Learning Ask your teacher for a login code
Geography Google Drive - Revision Essentials  
MFL Google Drive  

For GCSE vocabulary and set phrase revision. Students will need to setup a free account.

  Duolingo Daily basic vocabulary learning. Create a free account via the website or the app. 
  Seneca Key platform for homework tasks and revision of GCSE topics and grammar. 
RE Google Drive Practice questions and resources
  Seneca Link to Seneca for Unit 1 (Christianity), Unit 2 (Islam), Units 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, 8.1 (Philosophy and Ethics in Christianity)
  BBC Bitesize  
Music BBC Bitesize Links to the BBC Bitesize for AQA Music
  Soundtrap Link to Soundtrap for Composition
Dance Google Drive All revision resources and guides can be found here
Drama & Production Arts Google Drive  
  Production Arts Glossary  
Art Google Drive Annotation guidelines and subject specific vocabulary
  Google Drive Art assessment grid
  Student Art Guide Art and Design online support
PE Google Drive Coursework framework and model answers, long answer exam questions, past exam questions.
Computer Science Google Classroom Course resources available on Google Classroom

Google Drive

Additional Resources
3D Design Google Drive The new controlled assessment material will be released by Edexcel after Christmas and will be able to be accessed here when available
Hospitality & Catering Google Classroom
Use your email address to login and follow the link to the topic: Revision
Business Studies Google Drive  





Page Downloads  
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