IRIS Research School

IRIS Research School

Last year we were delighted to be crowned South Coast Hub School for the Institute for Research in Schools (IRIS), the first hub of its kind in the South of England. This means that our students won’t just be learning the theory of science but will be taking part in and contributing to real-life science research.

Biology and ICT students will be decoding a parasite genome as part of an IRIS project to help fight a global disease in conjunction with the Wellcome Trust and the Sanger Institute at Cambridge University. They will also have the opportunity to have their work recognised in a published scientific research paper.

Chemistry students are using equipment from a Royal Society Speciality Sectors grant to synthesise and refine pure aspirin in the lab.

Physics students will be detecting subatomic particles in conjunction with CERN@school and IRIS.

One of our Year 13 students won the Young Science Engineers competition in his category at Big Bang South East and was runner up overall and will now compete at the national competition in Birmingham next year.

The SRWA Motor Racing Team in conjunction with GreenPower Racing have built their own car from scratch and had their inaugural race at Goodwood race track in July, outperforming many much more experienced teams from across the UK. They will be continuing to develop and race the car again this year and are applying for a grant from Sompting Big Local to finance the project.

A group of Year 9 students completed a Silver CREST award as part of a national research project and the IRIS Polar MELT project. They competed at the Big Bang SE Young Science and Engineers competition and were highly commended for their work.

Geography are running another IRIS project called Earth Observation, in which GCSE students will use previously unseen satellite images to characterise and track glaciers at both poles. They will also have the opportunity to have their work recognised in a published scientific research paper.

Science Club will be taking part in ‘I’m a Scientist’ live webcast event where they get to chat with real scientists including astronauts, and ask questions about their field of work.

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