PE and Sport

Students study sport, teamwork, the human body and sporting mentality through a range of sports in Key Stage 3.

These sports include team sports (football, rugby, handball, netball), striking and fielding (rounders, softball, cricket), athletics, and racket sports (badminton and table tennis). At Key Stage 4 students can further their knowledge of the sporting world through studying through different pathways - GCSE, BTEC Sport, and Sports Leadership. Students can also select a health and fitness pathway with which to focus on training and how to improve their physical health. Both A level Physical Education and Sports BTEC level 3 are offered in KS5.

Aims Of The Subject

THE PE DEPARTMENT VISION: “For all students to be given the opportunities to reach their full sporting and academic potential – through support, differentiation and high quality teaching. To enable all students to develop a passion for health, fitness and sport by providing opportunities to participate in practical sport – and to develop a sporting moral attitude of hard work, sportsmanship and perseverance.”

Our aims are:

  • To promote enjoyment of sport
  • To develop teamwork and communication skills
  • To enhance health and fitness
  • To promote life-long participation in sport
  • To help all students to find their sport

Staff Contacts

Mr R Bromley, Director of Sport,

Mr M Fox, Assistant Principal Lapper,

Mr J Matanle, Chapter Leader Mandela,

Mr L Tighe, Chapter Leader Brunel,

Mr G Smith, Head Basketball Academy Coach,

Miss N Hammersley, PE teacher,


There is a full and varied weekly calendar through a range of sports throughout the year. We would encourage all students to further their enjoyment and ability in sport by participating in at least one sport. These clubs and sports change on a half-termly basis.


Please see the school website and TV screens for information. These enrichment activities include inter school fixtures against other West Sussex schools and county competitions. Students may also participate in leadership clubs such as running fixtures for other schools. Clubs are for all to come play and enjoy - not just those students who participate for school teams.


We also have Brighton and Hove Albion in the Community who run girls' football training sessions with us.


A number of school trips are run throughout the year - such a trips for Wembley or Brighton and Hove Albion for football matches. 

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