Modern Foreign Language

At SRWA, students study either French or Spanish from year 7 onwards and the vast majority will stay on to study languages up until their GCSE exams.

Right from the start, our students are introduced to the four key skills that they are assessed on during their GCSE exams which are speaking, writing, reading and listening. They build these skills by being immersed in target language in the lessons which is gradually increased each year; by studying authentic materials which can be texts, songs or films and also develop a cultural understanding of the countries where the language they are studying is spoken.

Aims Of The Subject

  • Building you linguistic competence in the allocated language.
  • Improve communication skills both in a verbal and written format.
  • A better cultural understanding of either French speaking or Spanish speaking countries in the world.
  • An appreciation of the benefits of language learning and how they can enhance future job opportunities.
  • Resilience in tackling the subject and building time management skills for revision.

Staff Contacts

Ms M Lautier, Director of languages, Teacher of French and Spanish,

Ms C Caumartin, Teacher of Spanish and French,

Mrs C Clark, Teacher of Spanish and French,

Ms Z Brazil, Teacher of French and Spanish,


MFL homework club

We run a homework support group every day after school from Tuesday - Friday on a rota. If your child needs support with homework, going back over an assessment they found particularly challenging or help with revision, they can attend this club. A different teacher from the department will run the club on each day, please ask your child to speak with their class teacher for further information.

MFL master class group

We run a weekly master class for students wishing to push themselves by sitting a Higher paper for their GCSE exam. This will be one evening after school - please ask your child to speak with their class teacher for further information

Useful Links - for daily vocab practice, we recommend 5 minutes a day from Year 7 onwards. - for specific vocabulary revision, has all of the GCSE content needed. - another great website for daily vocab practice.

BBC Bitesize - for revision and tips on language learning.

AQA GCSE French - for all you need to know about the GCSE French exam, including past papers.

AQA GCSE Spanish - for all you need to know about the GCSE Spanish exam, including past papers.
Pearson active learn - needs individual log in (ask classroom teacher) online version of textbooks used in class, useful for extra homework and revision.

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