Pathways at W6

The majority of our students follow Level 3 courses; A Levels, vocational or a mixture. These are all two year courses which lead directly to university, apprenticeships, further training or the world of work.

From September 2021 we are also offering a range of enterprise related subjects which could be taken at Level 2 to provide a foundation year leading to Level 3. This is a similar approach to most universities who offer a foundation year for those students who need just a little extra time to reach the required standard. Students who follow this pathway will spend three years in the sixth form.

The Level 2 Pathway is a good choice for students with an interest in business, media and also IT. It is a great option for students thinkning about working in business or setting up their own business. The IT qualifications also provide hands-on skills needed in the modern business workplace. 

We are also offering a pathway which focuses on Sport Development, run by Chelsea Foundation which can be entered at level 1, 2, or 3 for students who have a high enough skills level in football.

The table below summarises your options. To see which pathway is for you, please look at the entry requirements page.



Level 3

A Level Academic Pathway

Level 3

Vocational Courses: Business, Media, Sport, 3D, IT

Level 3

A Level/Vocational plus Football or Basketball squad

Level 3

Chelsea Foundation: Sport Development courses

Level 2

Enterprise Pathway leading to level 3


Chelsea Foundation: Sport Development courses leading to level 2/3

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