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Year 7 - 10

Work should be set for all students to match their timetable on Google Classroom.

Year 11 - 13

For students in year 11, work should be also published to Google Classroom to match their timetables. Students can send messages via the Stream or private task messages in Google Classroom.

Year 12 and 13 students will continue to receive work via Canvas, matched to the lesson timing on their timetables.

Live Lessons

Where possible, use Google Meets to start a lesson, to give an introduction to the learning. After this, direct students to their resources on Google Classroom, and meet them on Meets at the end of the lesson to check in.

You can share your screen or just a window on a computer. You can also share your screen with the Meet app on a phone of tablet. 


Resources for Staff

Google Classroom:

Google Meet:

Google Chat:


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