Physical Education

Entry requirements

5 in GCSE PE

4 in GCSE English Language

4 in GCSE Science

One sport played to a high club or County level (currently only basketball is available within the sixth form)

What will I study

Applied Anatomy and Physiology:

The cardiovascular system, respiratory system, neuromuscular system, musculo-skeletal system and energy system.

Skill Acquisition: transfer of skills, skill classification, learning theories, use of guidance, memory, information processing, schema theory.

Sport and Society: globalisation, history of sport and sociological theories.

Exercise Physiology: Diet and nutrition, training methods, periodisation, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Biomechanics: principles, Newton’s laws, levers, linear motion, angular motion, projectile motion and fluid mechanics.

Sport Psychology: personality, attitudes, arousal, anxiety, aggression, motivation, achievement motivation, social facilitation, attribution theory, self-efficacy and confidence, leadership and stress management.

Sport, Society and Technology: concepts of physical activity, development of elite performers, ethics, violence, drugs, law, commercialisation and technology.

How will I be assessed?

The course is divided into the following sections:

70% theory (as above).

30% practical (basketball academy)

70% of the final grade comes from two theory papers covering the above topics, and 30% comes from assessment of practical performance.

Is this subject for me?

You must be a high level sports performer (this is currently only open to basketball academy students) and have a keen interest in sport, fitness, and nutrition.

Where can this lead me?

The course can lead to some interesting jobs and further education in sports, sciences and education. Some examples include :

  • Exercise Physiology
  • Sports Science
  • Fitness Management
  • PE Teacher
  • Sports Administrator
  • Personal Trainer
  • Sports Therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Sports Development & coaching

What else is there?

A popular extracurricular activity for our PE students is regular and free use of the fitness suite. We also organise trips to Wimbledon and there are regular basketball coaching sessions and fixtures against local and national teams. As part of the Basketball Academy, you will be in regular morning training sessions to support and grow your skills and fitness as a basketballer.  You will also participate in regular ABL (Academy Basketball League) fixtures.

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