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SRWA GCSE Results Press Release

SRWA pride in student success

Students at Sir Robert Woodard Academy in Lancing are celebrating today after opening their magic envelopes on GCSE results day. There have been many fantastic individual success stories and the school is proud to share excellent achievement in many areas.

Once again, students performed well in English with 65% achieving a good pass and 53% gaining the government's new 'strong pass'. Science results were impressive with 70% of students gaining an A*-C. Results in creative subjects have been outstanding with 86% A*-C in 3D Design and 85% in Art & Design.

Being a Performing Arts specialist school, results in this area were fantastic, with 80% of students gaining a good pass. Student achievement in Sports was also exceptional with 100% gaining an A*-C equivalent.

There were many individual success stories, including:-

Megan Bowden, 9As and A*s. She is planning to stay on at Sixth Form to study Biology, Psychology, Maths and Philosophy A-levels.

Abbie Cartwright, 9As and A*s. She will also stay on for A-levels to study Psychology, Biology, French and Maths.

Noah Simmonds, 8As and A*s and will study Music, Physics, History and Maths at SRWA Sixth Form.

Alexandra Butterfill, 8As and A*s and plans to do French, Performing Arts, English and Psychology in Sixth Form at SRWA. She and another high-achieving student, Jack Taylor, achieved a remarkable top Grade 9 in the new challenging English assessment.

Another outstanding performance deserving a mention is that of Calin Burcin, who came to the UK from Romania just two years ago not speaking English fluently. Incredibly, he achieved the equivalent of an A in English and also gained no less than 7 additional good passes in other subjects. We are especially proud of him, and recognise all the extra work he has put in to reach this level of attainment in such a short time.

In addition to their GCSE results, SRWA has also made big improvements in their EBACC outcomes, with double the number of students making the grade compared to last year, which means they got an A*-C or equivalent for their GCSEs in the core subjects of: English, Maths, 2 Sciences, a language and a Humanity.

Newly appointed Principal Kieran Scanlon said: ‘I am delighted that students of all abilities are celebrating their personal academic achievements in their exams today. Our students' attainment across many different subject areas reflects the strength and depth of teaching across the curriculum. I’m particularly proud of the fact that almost a fifth of the cohort have attained the equivalent of A*-A in English  which gives us a  strong platform from which we can make further improvements in our drive to become an Outstanding Academy’.


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