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SRWA at GSK Headquarters

On 16th June, 14 of the Academy’s Year 8 students took part in a national competition final at GSK HeadquGSK june 17arters in London, as part of the Go4SET Industrial Cadets’ scheme.  They competed against 19 teams from across the country including several local schools and all the other students were in year 9, one year above them.

The students worked independently for 10 weeks to produce high quality and professional looking scientific reports and displays and the final stage was for them to present their findings to a panel of GSK judges.  Almost 150 students attended and one of our teams were chosen for the Student Choice Trophy - massive recognition, characterising the respect they commanded from their peers at the event.  

They were also awarded their Bronze Industrial Cadets’ award that is part of a nationally accredited STEM scheme.