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Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award Expedition

dofE picture 1 smallerOn 1st and 2nd June the first successful SRWA cohort of DofE Bronze Award year 10’s completed their Bronze assessed expedition.  The award required them to plan their own route, camp overnight and walk 25km in two days.  They had to be fully self-sufficient, and push themselves physically and mentally to the limit.  They performed exceptionally well.

On day one they walked from Truleigh Hill, down into the valley as far up as Henfield.  They met at the exact point, at the exact time, all through their own navigational merits.  How often is it that you travel around an area you have never been before, entirely by yourself and entirely without technology?  This group also arrived back to the campsite exactly on schedule, after walking up a near vertical incline.  They were exhausted, but in amazing spirits.  They then settled down to plan day two, cook a hot meal on a stove and watch the sunset whilst playing some card games together.

dofE picture 2 smallerDay two was a slow start, but they were eventually on their way by 9.30am after they had packed up their tents and made breakfast.   Again, ask yourself how often it is that your survival depends entirely on your own skill set?  This is why DofE is brilliant - you become independent, you become a leader and your confidence shoots up as a result.   After getting horribly lost and accidentally walking down an unbearably steep hill, and back up it, they eventually found a medieval site for a Motte and Bailey castle dating back to the time of William the Conqueror.   They then completed a 12km walk in intense sunlight, at the end they looked exhausted but in great spirits.   

It was one of my highlights as a teacher seeing how these teenagers embraced this challenge with resilience, determination and a smile.  Their assessor, Mr Harman, was suitably impressed.

These legendary year 10’s are: Beth, Hannah, Crystal, Holly, Jack and Sophiya.   A big shout out too to Beth who unfortunately couldn’t complete due to injury, but she has been a star throughout and will hopefully complete it too!