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Visit to SRWA of Christelijk Lyceum Zeist school in the Netherlands

Before the Easter holidays, we hosted two groups of visitors from the Christelijk Lyceum Zeist school in the Netherlands as part of their week long cultural visit to the UK.

Over 90 students along with 10 teachers spent a day in the Academy, experiencing what it is like to be at a secondary school in the UK. The students were hosted exceptionally well by our Year 10 Student Leaders and were welcomed into lessons, as well as enjoying the unique experience of a school canteen lunch, which they loved. Our students were a credit to the Academy and really enjoyed the opportunity to meet peers from another European country and share experiences. The Dutch students really made the most of their visit and were wowed by our facilities and variety of curriculum opportunities.

We understand they are now keen to build their own canteen and would love to expand their range of practical subjects. Whilst sharing our differences, it also helped all those involved to celebrate our similarities and form new friendships.