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Palestinian Friends

On 7th June, the Academy opened its arms to five special people from Gaza, Palestine - Mohanad, Farouk, Mohammed, Najlaa and their teacher, Ismail.  They had the most difficult of journeys in getting to us having had their visa applications turned down by the British, the Jordanians and the Israelis and ended up arriving five days late.

On their arrival in the UK, they performed in the Brighton Festival on Saturday 4th June.  They spent the day with us at the Academy on Tuesday 7th June sharing classrooms with Mr Lelean and Ms Fauvel and performing in the Courtyard at lunchtime.  Students Ielyaa (year 9) and Yousef (year 7) accompanied them and translated for them all day

On Friday 10th June, the group performed alongside the SRWA Community Band at Offington Park Methodist Church and we presented them with gifts, including a new guitar for birthday boy, Mohammed (who didn’t have an instrument of his own).

They touched something very deep inside everyone who met them and heard them perform.  When asked by one of our students what inspired them to play music they replied “We want to express ourselves and music is more powerful than weapons.”

palestinian friends