News and Events


On Tuesday 1st March, we left the Academy at 5.00am to embark on a fun filled day to Boulogne with 60 students.  We took the ferry from Dover to Calais, where students explored the on-board shop and the arcade, and for some students it was their first time on a ferry.

On arriving in Boulogne, our first stop was at ‘Bec a Suc’, a traditional sweet factory in the heart of Boulogne where students saw how traditional French sweets were made. They also observed the demonstration entirely in target language and got to operate the machinery for themselves and sample the sweets that they made.  The next stop was the ‘Pain Show’, a traditional Creperie in Boulogne Sur Mer where our students got to experience lunch in an authentic French restaurant. The owners did a pancake making demonstration, where students got to mix the ingredients and create the batter and they were then invited into the kitchen where they got to flip their pancake and garnish it to their taste.  The owner then created in front of the students a beautiful decoration out of marzipan with SRWA on it together with monuments of Boulogne.  Students got to explore the old town, take pictures of the monuments and visit a French market for souvenirs.

We then headed back to Calais and stopped off at a traditional French bakery where students got to see how they make traditional bread in an old fashioned oven built of stone and got to roll the dough into loaves themselves. They then had to chant the ingredients of a croissant with the owner of the bakery who kept banging his rolling pin on the steel table if they forgot the ingredients, which made them laugh and scared them at the same time!  They then rolled the dough to make croissants with varying success.

After our visit to the bakery we headed back to Calais to catch the ferry back home.  A good time was had by all, students and staff, with the favourite quote of the day being: “This was the best day of my whole life”.